March 2012

Slavonic Duets

With Slavonic Duets are continuation of Libor Vaculík's early creations. He focused purely on movement, trying to express the content of Dvořák's musical score.

Libor Vaculík – well-known personality of both Czech and Slovak dance world. Vaculík‘s Slavonic duets will be performed for the very first time in Slovakia. His sources of inspiration were two different compositions by Antonín Dvořák – explosive, dynamic and purely national Slavonic dances and intimate and fragile Moravian duets.

The choreographer himself said about his piece for five men and five women performing in simple white costumes: „Intentionally I have created a work that combines both dance and symphony – without a plot or a concrete story. It was not easy to do justice to Dvořák’s score full of emotions, atmosphere and delicate nuances. But I hope that in duel with Dvorak, I have achieved a draw. If I have lost, then I would like to ask the audience to shut their eyes for thirty minutes and listen to the music.” 

The piece Slavonic Duets is a part of the production CZECH IN.
Other choreographies of the evening include:
Jiří Kylián: Six dances, Falling Angels 
Petr Zuska, National Theatre Prague: Lyrical

Choreography and Stage

Libor Vaculík


Antonín Dvořák


Roman Šolc

World Premiere


Balet Praha

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