November 2011

Romeo and Juliet

The story of Romeo and Juliet is timeless like love itself – a feeling that has accompanied us throughout history. Let us hope that falling in love will remain part of human lives for a long time to come. Shakespeare’s famous drama is very popular among dance creators and many leading choreographers have taken its challenge. This is not only because of the ever resonating theme of tragic love but also because of Sergei Prokofiev´s beautiful music which is considered to be one of the best ballet scores ever written.

Balet Bratislava is a chamber ensemble. Therefore, while dealing with the piece it was necessary to find a key to its staging despite the small cast. A small detail became the starting point for the development of the story. This detail is often ignored in both contemporary and classic interpretations. It is the letter from Juliet which Romeo never received. This important moment determines the tragic outcome of the story and links all scenes of our production in which Juliet’s memories, reality and imagination coincide. 

The communicative theme and the beauty of its music gave us the impetus to select this title as the first production of the newly formed Balet Bratislava Company. Our aim is to develop the piece into a modern and current performance, reflecting the taste of today´s audiences.

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Mário Radačovský


Sergei Prokofjev


Miroslava Kovářová


Marek Hollý

Dorota Cigánková
Diana Strauszová 

Performed by
Balet Bratislava dancers

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