January 2012


New piece by Mario Radačovský deals with the theme of the human and their self-reflection.

Exploring, observing and searching for what is right, reasonable and truthful in ourselves can help us to find values and orientation in the world around us. While trying to find our own, we often lose ourselves in the tangled web of relationships, problems and practical obstacles and in all this, solitude can provide a moment of catharsis.

Mário Radačovský chose music of Yan Tiersen for his new piece.

Monos is a part of a three-pice show 3Balet which has been created also by Šárka Ondrišová and Stanislava Vlčeková.
Rose (Stanislava Vlčeková)
Frost (Šárka Ondrišová) 

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Mário Radačovský

Yann Tiersen

Realisation of Set
Kollektiv, s.r.o.

Ľudmila Várossová

Light Design
Róbert Polák 

Katarína Košíková / Katarína Kaanová, Arthur Abram / Tamás Csizmadia, Andrej Szabo / Dan Datcu, Dominik Vačok / Luca Scarpa, Mário Radačovský / Andrej Szabo, Daniel Corbeil

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