January 2012


Frost is the name of a new piece by Šárka Ondrišová.

Inspired by the theme of coldness and frost the authors of this piece do not do not understand it only as a manifestation of winter. They put it in a broader context of a metaphor. It is coldness in us and our relationships, which can hurt us and evoke sadness… 

Šárka Ondrišová is known as the founder and director of the Alternative Theatre elledanse and as a laureate of the Minister of Culture Award 2008 and a few Slovak Annual Theatre Awards (DOSKY). She has created her new piece Frost in cooperation with Boris Nahálka. Peter Groll and Zuzana Hudeková. 

Frost is a part of a three-pice show 3Balet which has been created also by Mário Radačovský and Stanislava Vlčeková.

Monos (Mário Radačovský)
Rose (Stanislava Vlčeková)

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Šárka Ondrišová


Boris Nahálka, Šárka Ondrišová


Peter Groll


Zuzana Hudeková


Boris Nahálka

Light design

Robert Polák

Performed by

Arthur Abram, Daniel Corbeil, Tamás Csizmadia, Luca Scarpa, Andrej Szabo / Dan Datcu, Dominik Vačok, Klaudia Bittererová, Alexa Capareda, Natasa Dudar, Katarína Kaanová, Natália Némethová / Katarína Košíková

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