March 2012

Falling Angels

In contrast with Six Dances lies his second composition Falling Angels. It is purely based on movement. It somewhat personifies the frenetic score of Steve Reich.

For Jiří Kylián, the fascinating aspect of Reich's composition lies in its rhythmical structure - especially in the stylistic device called phasing. It creates a floating underground where the choreography is free to develop independently.

Whereas Kylián customarily considers music as the primary source for his choreographies - meaning that he sets his work on a (existing) musical structure - with Drumming he felt challenged to give unabridged priority to the dance.

The result became an exciting and head-on flight of eight female dancers: Falling Angels - 'a piece about our profession' as the choreographer likes to comment on it.

The piece Falling Angels is a part of the production CZECH IN.
Other choreographies of the evening include:
Jiří Kylián: Six Dances
Libor Vaculík: Slavonic Duets
Special guest: Petr Zuska, National Theatre Prague: Lyrical


Jiří Kylián


Steve Reich

(Drumming; Part I)


Joke Visser

Light Design

Joop Caboort


Roslyn Anderson

Technical Adaptation

Kees Tjebbes

World Premiere

23 Novembra 1989, AT&T Danstheater, Den Haag

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