December 2011


3Balet is composed of three short opuses by Stanislava Vlčeková, Šárka Ondrišová and Mário Radačovský. Balet Bratislava gives the opportunity to Slovak artists who have been already working as theatre professionals for a long time, have a very unique style and, moreover, they are searching the problems and reflecting emotions of people nowadays.

Rose (Stanislava Vlčeková)
The timeless work of a famous French impressionist writer Marcel Proust and his novel In Search Of Lost Time is the starting point of the production.
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Frost (Šárka Ondrišová a Boris Nahálka)
Choregraphy is inspired by coldness in us and our relationships and puts it in a broader context of a metaphor. 
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Monos (Mário Radačovský)
Choreography is inspired by the theme of the human and their self-reflection. 
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Stanislava Vlčeková,
Šárka Ondrišová a Boris Nahálka
Mário Radačovský

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