Luca Scarpa

born in 1987

Luca studied classical dance at the National Academy of Dance of Rome under the leading teachers Dora De Panfilis, Fara Grieco, Zarco Prebil and Tuccio Rigano. He continued his studies at the school Maison de la danse (artistic director Denis Ganio). In 2008 he started his professional dance career in Teatro Rossini in Pesaro where he got a contract for the entire summer season.

In 2009, Luca joined Dantzaz Konpainia in San Sebastian, Spain, where he danced works by Eric Gauthier, Christophe Garcia, Itzik Galili, Jone San Martin and Hilde Koch.

In 2010 Luca was member of  Ballet Vorpommern (artistic director Ralf Dörnen).

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